Basic Internet Safety - Teens


  1. Keep personal information to yourself

  2. Your personal information is valuable to those who want to exploit it, so guard it carefully. This includes your full name, phone number, home address, age, school, passwords, photos, even feelings like those of loneliness or sadness.

  3. Sharing personal info online with anyone but close friends can invite problems. Information you have shared about yourself or comments you have made can become public and be used to embarrass you, damage your reputation, or steal your identity. And they can be permanent—for example, a future employer might see them.

  4. Use strong passwords, and DO NOT SHARE THEM— not even with your best friend. Learn how: passwords-create.

  5. Lock your phone with a PIN.

  6. Create email addresses and profile pages that reveal nothing personal and aren’t suggestive.

  7. Make your social network pages private. Look for Settings or Options to set privacy controls.

  8. Don’t share suggestive photos or videos. You lose all control of where they go.

  9. Be choosy about adding friends on phones or social sites, or in games.

  10. Be a real friend

  11. If you wouldn’t wear it (on a T-shirt, say), don’t share it online.

  12. Stand up for your friends. Cyberbullies are less likely to target someone who has a strong group of friends, and usually stop when a victim’s friends rally around him or her.

  13. Don’t share personal details of friends and family online without their permission.

  14. Connect honestly and carefully

  15. Don’t download illegal copies of copyrighted music, video games, and so on. Plus, pirated files are often used to distribute viruses and spyware without the user’s knowledge.

  16. Use only social networks that are right for your age.

  17. Think twice (even if you know the sender) before you open attachments, or click links in email or on a social site. You might release malicious software.

  18. Meeting an online “friend” in person can be risky. DON’T. If for some reason you do - Protect yourself: always bring a trusted adult or friend and meet in a busy public place.

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