The Cybertips initiative routinely visits schools, youth organizations and numerous community events to empower Bermuda’s students with the knowledge and skills to use the Internet in safe and beneficial ways. The Cybertips team has spoken to thousands of students, seniors, parents, educators and youth groups since 2007. There is an increasing need for an Island-wide campaign to not only inform, but to also train the students to take matters into their own hands, to face cyberbullying and other digital issues at their own level, and to be up-standers, not mere bystanders.


Your teens are invited to join us for the 2018 Digital Citizenship Conference, hosted by the Government of Bermuda’s Cybertips Initiative. The Conference is scheduled for May 7th, 2018 at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium and expects the participation of over 600 of Bermuda’s middle and high school students.


The conference will be the Island’s first such event to focus on all aspects of Digital Citizenship. Aiming to empower and protect Bermuda’s students using proven best practices and innovative localised programmes and efforts, it will bring students together with knowledgeable subject matter experts and equip them with the skills and information to be change agents and leaders in their own circles. Educators and parents will be also able to take advantage of workshops and panel discussions led and moderated by students. Panelists will include professionals in the fields of education, social services, law enforcement, social media and child protective services addressing the most pressing issues facing our youth today.


Thanks to the 2018 Digital Citizenship Conference, the participating students will be empowered to make positive online choices, seek help when necessary and understand that the decisions they make today can impact their lives and the lives of others for years to come.


Each school has been asked to select one student to represent it on the Student Steering Committee that is planning the conference with the assistance of IPI*. These students have so far worked very hard to ensure that the conference is valuable to students, educators and parents.


Considering the importance of Internet safety and its crucial importance for Bermuda’s students, if you would like to volunteer to help in any way, please contact Sloane Wilson at 294-2774 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and join out fun, growing team!


* The Department of ICT Policy and Innovation, Ministry of National Security

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