While technology has its downsides, there are a ton of positive ways it can be integrated into learning. Whether through a math app, a video how-to, learning basic computer programming, technology opens up a new world of discovery for young people. And as they accessinformation in novel ways, kids are preparing for life in a new interconnected, global world.

Teachers and Administrators are constantly striving to find new ways to integrate tech in the classroom and are seeing amazing results. Educational technology can help teachers bridge the gap between their desire to reach students where they are and the reality that they are working with limited time and resources.

By using technologies such as tablets, learning stations, and Clear Touch Interactive displays teachers can address multiple learning styles, and encourages individual learning, without having to spend hours planning and prepping. Students who learn with technology have improved knowledge retention and in class engagement. Teachers are even able to use social media as a learning tool!

The benefits of integrating technology into the classroom daily are endless.  Not only does it allow educators to keep up with trends, it allows for instant communication with parents and students, encourages feedback and participation and allows students to connect with other classrooms locally and around the world.

As far research is concerned, social media can assist students at every stage from the exploration stage through the engagement stage all the way to the publishing stage.  Throughout all of these phases students can take advantage of the opportunities provided by different social media channels and networks.

Technology allows both students and teachers the opportunity to gain the skills they will need to problem solve, think critically, develop communication and leadership skills, and improve their motivation and productivity levels.

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