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Bermuda celebrates Girls in ICT* Everyday!

Let’s all encourage, foster, and mentor young women as
they enter the ICT industry and develop into tech leaders.
Bermuda can make a difference!

• Encourage girls and women into ICT studies
• Recruit women into ICT-related posts
• Retain & promote women in the ICT sector



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Teen at the leading edge of fintech

09-04-2018 Hits:2126 Girls in ICT Parent Super User - avatar Super User

Caroline Caton is helping shape Bermuda’s financial technology approach through her internship at the Bermuda Government. The 19-year-old from Pembroke has worked on a multitude of projects concerning cybersecurity, digital commerce...

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Women in ICT recognised

09-04-2018 Hits:2172 Girls in ICT Parent Super User - avatar Super User

On April 26th, the Department of ICT Policy and Innovation celebrated the winners of three competitions aimed to recognise women in ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) on the Island.   The department...

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New Layout Article 3

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Please note that our Quickstart package has been created for the preview purposes only. That’s why all sample data needs to be removed or replaced by your own details, especially...

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