Bermuda residents are early adopters of technology, both at home and at work. Bolstered by a robust IT, legal and regulatory framework, the Island possesses excellent fiber optic connections, a talented service environment, and significant access to capital for investment and expansion.

The Island also enjoys global branding as a secure, safe and friendly jurisdiction for business.

The 2014-15 State of ICT in Bermuda report has shown that:

  • 99% of businesses have Internet access
  • 89% of households have access to the Internet
  • 85% of households own a smartphone
  • 93% of businesses uses technology for business to business interactions, such as procurement, inventory control and payments
  • 89% of businesses use technology for business to consumer interactions, such as facilitating payment, sales and providing information
  • 82% of businesses use technology for business to government interactions, such as payroll tax, immigration and social insurance

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