Bermuda boasts an active corporate community which leverages its networks and which partners to help others on the Island, especially the third sector.

The Island’s very active third sector not only includes voluntary and charitable organizations as well as community groups, it also includes companies and individuals who contribute - donors and volunteers. As such, the over 400 registered charities benefit from the support of the companies that contribute over $33 million annually in addition to the individuals that give almost $50 million per annum, and the volunteers that donate over 2.7 million hours a year.

For a country the size of a dot in the ocean, the third sector benefits from an incomparable opportunity to affect change in Bermuda in the areas of research, education, development, and partnership[i].

Local and international companies in Bermuda are every active, providing different kinds of support on a systematic basis to charities, schools, hospitals and other organisations. They understand the value of incorporating a deliberate, focused approach to practicing good corporate citizenship and have it well integrated within their management system and strategic plans.

It is well-recognised that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) are essential tools with which students in the twenty-first century need to be equipped. Full familiarity with these topics launches them towards professional success in a variety of careers and allows them to grow into informed citizens in an increasingly complex society.

Whether it’s STEAM or simply STEM, many companies in Bermuda are providing opportunities for Bermuda’s students to work with technology in ways that they may not be able to on an average school day. Taken together, these initiatives not only demystify these highly technical disciplines and the pursuit of knowledge in advanced technologies, but also help students to develop skills that would come in handy regardless of their career choices.

Developing project management, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills benefits these students in their educational and career development at many levels and regardless of the professions they choose to pursue.

Below are just a few examples of how corporate citizenship is enhancing technology education and literacy on the Island.


Energy and infrastructure solutions

Ascendant Group, Bermuda's largest provider of energy and infrastructure solutions, is the parent company of Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO) which is the sole provider of electricity Island-wide. 

Every summer, Ascendant runs its highly-praised STEM Summer Camp for students, aged 12 to 14 years. During a week of hands-on experiential learning, students are asked to be curious and ready to use their problem-solving, critical thinking and research skills in order to solve problems with technology. Led by STEM education professionals, they develop challenging robotics projects and take field trips, amassing STEM knowledge and gaining in confidence and competence.

Ascendant also encourages young Bermudians to explore their interest in the Island’s energy infrastructure. It offers students summer employment opportunities as well as mentoring, apprenticeships, education and training. It also awards scholarship monies to undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, environmental science and business studies.

Ocean Sciences

Taking STEM to the next level, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) gives wide-ranging exposure and education to children of all ages through different programmes. Through its Ocean Academy, aspiring young scientists are provided with the opportunity to experience ocean sciences first-hand from courses to internships, one-off lectures and workshops to well-established curricula.

In addition to formal instruction, BIOS also infuses the fun of competition into learning. On a yearly basis, MARINE (Mid Atlantic Robotics IN Education) organises a competition around Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Students design their own ROVs and deploy them in underwater missions, such as documenting a local shipwreck, measuring lionfish populations, or recording temperature data during hurricane season. In 2016, Bermuda will become a regional partner of the Marine Advanced Technology center (MATE). With the aid of a lead sponsor, this new partnership will allow Bermuda students access to international competitions beginning in 2017.

This programme is not purely theoretical: hundreds of ROVs are in use worldwide by marine industries, underwater archaeologists, and scientific research programs. As students learn to build and test ROVs in the classroom, they acquire skills and experiences that prepare them for those industries –should they wish to join them.

Sailing, Design, and the Marine Industry

The America’s Cup has teamed up with some of the biggest names in the marine industry to launch the America’s Cup Endeavour Programme. The programme provides a pathway to success for youth ages 9 through 12 years old across all backgrounds as they experience an interactive STEAM curriculum, water safety knowledge, and develop life skills through learning to sail on 4 different types of boats: Optimist, RS Feva, Hobie Cat and O’Pen BIC.

The America’s Cup Endeavour Programme leverages the cutting-edge design and innovative technology at the heart of the America’s Cup to engage students with hands-on learning activities and foster their interest in pursuing STEAM career pathways in the future.

The America’s Cup Endeavour STEAM curriculum includes interactive learning modules for students to learn about measuring wind and wind power, sail area and perimeter, buoyancy, sailing angles, marine debris, and health and nutrition.

Through their participation in the America’s Cup Endeavour Programme, students have an incredible opportunity to visit the ORACLE TEAM USA (OTUSA) base in Bermuda where they learn about the advanced science and technology that drives competition for the America’s Cup.

Students also benefit from interaction with ORACLE TEAM USA Head Physiotherapist and Team Nutritionist and ORACLE TEAM USA Physical Performance Manager to better understand the importance of healthy eating and an active lifestyle amongst athletes.



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